1 december 2009
The rise and fall of a record label!

The domain has been shut down!
You are right now viewing the Eastground Records website on a different server - just as a nostalgic glimpse of the past! (A really ugly site by the way).

Eastground Records has been an interesting project over the years. A damn fine album called "Molossus" by the band Kaross was released in 2007 - go check it out on Spotify for free! The album got a hell lot of great reviews, check out the "reviews & interviews" link in the menu to the left.

The music business has taken a lot of turns in many different directions throughout the years since around 2003 or so when file sharing for real became a big topic in the news all over the world.

Since circa 2005 I´m not against file sharing anymore. The Pirate Bay was a big issue in 2008-2009 (and still is for some reason, the court proceedings hasn´t finished yet). The million dollar charges against the guys running the site doesn´t seem to be of so big common interest anymore.

Soon there will be no need for file sharing anymore since we´ve already got Spotify for music and Voddler for movies - everything totally free!

It seems the only problem left to solve is the gaming and software business, ´cause there´s no similar solutions like Spotify and Voddler in those cases. Yet.

However... you can still get the physical "Molossus" CD album at (international) and (Sweden) and the digital mp3 album at iTunes and other sites + for free at Spotify.

There´s no money left in the music industry so there´s not so much left for me to do here anymore. If I had ran a record company in the 1980´s I would probably be a millionaire today, but since the Internet was released to the public in the mid 90´s the whole industry has gone further and further down the spiral.

However... it´s not about money anyway - it´s about my love for music! I wouldn´t have started this label if it wasn´t for that great Kaross demo I heard almost 5 years ago...

Markus, Eastground Records

8 april 2008
New Kaross video for the song "Shovel"
Made by

29 february 2008

Swedish radio P3 Rockster has added the Kaross song "Cosmopolitan" to their playlist.

7 february 2008
More digital distro
The Andy Vei single "Cassandra" are now available at iTunes,,, and a lot of other mp3-stores.

4 january 2008
New signing
Swedish Stockholm based artist Andy Vei is signed to the label. His debut single "Cassandra" are available at and The single is only available for download. More mp3 stores will come later.

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