Short biography:

Kaross is a band from Skövde/Falköping in Sweden. They play some kind of distorted rock ´n´ roll with influences from punk, metal, blues, 70´s rock and so on. Kind of a mixture of a lot of genres, the best thing is to listen and judge for yourself.

Kaross was formed in 2001. Over the years they have replaced a number of members, but since 2004 they are a fixed quartet. In december 2005 they won the respected music contest "Partillerocken" in Partille, outside Gothenburg, Sweden. They competed with about 40 bands. They released their debut album "Molossus" on Eastground Records on April 30th 2007.

Kaross official website: www.kaross.net
Kaross MySpace: www.myspace.com/kaross

Get back to www.eastgroundrecords.se for album reviews, videos, interviews and such. There you´ll also find 3 free tracks from the album.