(22 october 2006)

Eastground Records FreeMusic is a sub label to Eastground Records. In this sub label we are testing a new concept of releasing music free for download.

The music business is a changing business. File sharing is a natural part of the technical development in our society of today. Therefore free music has become a natural thing for a big part of the population. That´s why we have decided to test this concept of releasing music for free.

We consider that a record deal is not worth much nowadays. A record deal in its traditional form is all about distribute and selling music, but we think it´s more of an advertisement deal than a record deal. The more a label advertise the more they sell and, in the end, the more the music will be file shared.

There are a lot of great unsigned bands out there that never reaches a big audience. The Internet is a great place for unsigned bands to reach out, but since the web is so enormously huge there´s still enormously difficult for a unsigned band to reach out. Here´s where the record labels come into the picture. There´s still status for a band to have a record deal, it helps them get to a higher level in their musical career and reach out with their music with the help from a record labels advertisement budget.

When artists are unsigned they, in most cases, let their music be free on their websites. But as soon as they get a record deal the same music is no longer free. When an artist are unsigned they do all they can to get a record deal which is supposed to spread their music more effective, get more available and reach a bigger audience. Sure, it gets more effectively spread and the artist reaches a bigger audience. But the music doesn´t get more available, in fact it gets LESS available because people suddenly have to pay for the same music that previously was free.

The music that reaches out is the signed one. The majority of the music that is file shared is signed to a record label, and it ends up there through advertisement. So – a big thank you to all record labels who informs the population about new music, that unfortunately will end up being file shared anyway.

So why charge something that will be file shared in the end anyway? That´s why we have decided to release music for free with no middlemen, no DRM-protection, no account, no registration, no password, no charging. Just simply download our artists music directly here from our website as pure mp3-files.

No record company can compete against free versions of their own product.

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