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13 december 2006
Album release set to 2007
Kaross´ debut album "Molossus" will be released in the beginning of 2007. The exact date will be announced later on.

21 november 2006
Title of Kaross´ album revealed
The title of Kaross´ forthcoming debut album will be "Molossus".

22 october 2006
Eastground Records starts sublabel
Eastground Records has started a sub label called "Eastground Records FreeMusic" where we are testing a new concept of releasing music free for download. Check out the link in the menu to the left.

18 october 2006
A little update
Well... what´s happening, you might wonder?! Well, the recording of Kaross´ debut album has been finished and currently it´s being mixed. The design of the album cover and inlay is also in production.

20 august 2006
Kaross on TV pt. 2
The TV interview clip with Kaross is now available on the web. Click HERE to watch the clip. The interview is done in Swedish, with no English subtitles. But for those who don´t understand Swedish you can always watch and listen to the live performance in the clip. (The interview is a part of the whole TV show, so you have to skip to around 08:30 in the time-line of the media player).

15 august 2006
Kaross on TV

This friday the 18th of August Kaross will be interviewed on Swedish TV-channel "TV4" in the local "TV4 Skaraborg/Värmland" broadcasting. The interview will be featured in their morning segment and will be broadcasted sometime from 09:15 AM CET. If you don´t live in the region go to where you can find the clip, more info on that will come soon.

19 july 2006
Eastground Records in the news

The news below from 4th of July tells in Swedish that Eastground Records were interviewed by a newspaper. The article has now been translated into English. Click HERE to read the article in English.

4 july 2006
Eastground Records i media

Eastground Records var idag med i Nyköpings lokala nyhetstidning "Södermanlands Nyheter" ( Risken att bli felciterad är ju alltid överhängande. Rättelse; jag citeras i artikeln att jag beskriver storbolagens musik som "FM-skit", rätt ska vara "RIX FM-skit". Klicka HÄR för att läsa artikeln.

20 may 2006
Recording vocals

Vocals will be recorded on Kaross´ debut album this weekend.

27 april 2006
Kaross in the studio

Kaross is in the studio recording the best album of all time...

27 april 2006
Blog partly in english

Our blog are now partly written in english (those of international concern)

4 april 2006
Blog started

Our very own blog is started!

28 march 2006
First act signed!
Our first artist is now signed – the Swedish band Kaross! Click HERE to read more about the band!

24 march 2006
Travelling to Gothenburg

Goin´ to Gothenburg this weekend to sign a very special band which will be announced next week!

17 march 2006
First artist signed soon

Our first artist will be signed very very soon...

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